I don’t think I can afford college without a job, so can I work and attend class at the same time?

Adult students have many options for financing their degree along with increased academic flexibility. A first step is to reach out to the colleges or universities you are interested in attending and request information on their flexible adult learning programs. Often classes are scheduled at night and on the weekends. Some programs are even offered in an accelerated format. Many colleges also offer online programs and live online classes.

For help with tuition costs, many companies have tuition assistance programs or special scholarships for employees. We can help to find grants, scholarships, low interest loans, tuition payment plans, and work-study opportunities that may be available. You can also research scholarships in libraries or through scholarship search services on the web. Be sure to take advantage of education tax credits such as the Hope Scholarship Credit and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit. We also have many local resources for scholarships as well. See our Resources page for links.