If you have a question about getting started with a college or a training program, we have the answers. Just click on the appropriate question and the answer will appear.

YES! There are multiple universities and training providers offering programs in Hendricks County! Check out MADE@Plainfield to find post-secondary education and workforce training options as well as needed resources all under one roof. There are also many colleges and universities offering classes and degree programs online. You can start with a certification and work all the way up to a master degree! There is sure to be a fit for you!

Going back to college has never been easier for adults. Many colleges and universities offer flexible course scheduling with classes one night per week, on the weekends, or in accelerated format. Students can complete their degree program online or choose a combination of face-to-face and online classes. Colleges and universities have also created stackable programs. Stackable programs allow students to obtain a certification starting them on their career path.The credits earned obtaining the certification often count toward an associate degree that can then go toward a bachelor degree.

That would depend on personal career goals. Sixty percent of jobs require post secondary education or training. In general, the higher the education, the higher the salary as well as better career options and security. However, there are many great career pathways that are in high demand and have a high wage that only require a post secondary certification and on the job training. Taking time to determine your career pathway and research options is an important first step in determining what education is needed to obtain your goals.

Many adults find they need further education or training to enter their career of choice or for increased earning potential or advancement. Others are in career transition or find themselves back in the workforce because of personal circumstances or economic conditions. With advancing technology and changing economic and employment conditions, many adults are experiencing an increasing demand to develop or update their knowledge and skills.

This is why Hendricks College Network is here! Consider us the GUIDANCE OFFICE FOR GROWN UPS. It is a very individual and personal process. We work one-on-one to assist you in determining and planning your educational and career goals. We can do interest and ability assessments to determine where your strengths lie. If you need to get a better idea of what the careers look like, we can make those industry connections for you. Having connections at the local schools can ensure you get your needs met. Every step of the way, we will be here to assist with any challenges you may face.

That depends on your academic goals. A certificate program for a specialized field or career (non-college credit or credit) generally takes one year. Examples of certificate programs are in culinary arts, computer technology, childhood education, emergency medical technicians, office administration, pharmacy technician, real estate and teacher’s aide.

An associate degree requires 60 credits and takes two years for full-time students to complete. A bachelor degree requires 120 credits and generally takes four years, but can be accelerated through several academic options!

Adult students have many options for financing their degree along with increased academic flexibility. A first step is to reach out to the colleges or universities you are interested in attending and request information on their flexible adult learning programs. Often classes are scheduled at night and on the weekends. Some programs are even offered in an accelerated format. Many colleges also offer online programs and live online classes.

For help with tuition costs, many companies have tuition assistance programs or special scholarships for employees. We can help to find grants, scholarships, low interest loans, tuition payment plans, and work-study opportunities that may be available. You can also research scholarships in libraries or through scholarship search services on the web. Be sure to take advantage of education tax credits such as the Hope Scholarship Credit and the Lifetime Learning Tax Credit. We also have many local resources for scholarships as well. See our Resources page for links.

Yes, you should! Never assume you don’t qualify for financial aid. Many adult students believe they don’t qualify and miss out on many sources of aid, including grants and low interest loans that are offered regardless of grade point average, financial need or credit history. Most federal and state aid programs don’t have age limits, although some scholarship programs might. For financial aid based on low income, all that is necessary is to demonstrate financial need, and some of the most eligible students are single parents. Also, it isn’t necessary to be admitted to a college or university before you can apply for financial aid. Submit the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) form as soon as possible after October 1 and no later than April 15 (Indiana’s deadline. This varies from state to state). Don’t wait until you complete your tax return, but use estimates of income. Any errors can be corrected later.

Many adults who have been out of school for some time feel they need a refresher in certain subject areas. Most colleges and universities offer learning centers or other academic facilities to help you assess your abilities, and also offer remedial programs that enhance your skills to help you succeed. Many of these programs are available on campus or online as well as through distance education. We periodically have workshops in our community for students to refresh their skills. WorkOne and Adult Basic Education have resources as well.

Adults are generally very motivated and view the college experience as a wonderful learning opportunity as well as a chance to fulfill their goals. Whether it be personal enrichment or professional advancement, they usually want to get the most from their investment. Instructors also enjoy and welcome the adult student’s input and experience in classroom interactions. Not only do adult students “keep up”, they are excelling in their studies.

Some adult accelerated programs require that students be at least 23 years old with 2-5 years of work experience for admission, so in some cases you wouldn’t be in class with recent high school graduates at all.

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