Employer Training/Education Funding Application

Hendricks Logistics Sector Partnership (HLSP) has been awarded a grant from the Indiana Department of Workforce Development which provides limited funding to cover or support training/education costs related to logistics. In order to be considered for this funding, please complete the application below.

Please note that simply applying for this funding does not constitute award. Your application will
be reviewed based on the following factors:

  1. You meet requirements of being an eligible grant participant (A Hendricks County Supply Chain [or supporting] organization)
  2. Your commitment to creating and supporting viable pathways for employees in Supply Chain and
    supporting organizations
  3. You have initialed all consents and acknowledgements
  • Company Information

  • Representative Information

  • Training Information

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • This course provides foundational information, coaching and practice that our team leaders and back-up team leaders require as they give direction to our hourly employees in our daily operations. The topics of communication, coaching, strategic and tactical thinking, conflict management and decision-making are critical skills and attributes that we have identified as a current gap within our team leader group.
  • We expect that the team leaders attending this coursework will be able to more effectively lead the employees in their groups, and give them the skill, confidence, and visibility to potentially move into an advanced position within our business, such as a supervisor or analyst role. The group of back-up team leaders attending will have stronger skills and be better prepared for future opportunities to be full-time team leaders or support personnel.
  • Employer Representative Consents and Acknowledgements

  • I understand that my company is applying for these funds to help directly support pathways for individuals working in my organization.
  • I understand that the funding covers/supports the intended course listed above and that HLSP is under no obligation to provide any additional funding past the course completion.

  • I understand that as a recipient of tuition dollars made available through the Skill UP Grant, I agree to provide a testimonial, photograph and/or speak with HLSP representatives regarding my experience as a employer and grant recipient, for use by HLSP for internal/external marketing.

  • I understand that if I am referred by a third-party (ex:WorkOne, employer) that HLSP will provide them with applicable requested data (ex: completion date, copy of certificate, etc.)

  • I understand that HLSP will be contacting me after completion of the program to gather employment data as a requirement of the Skill UP Grant and I agree to respond and provide them with the requested data in a timely manner.

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